A New Diagnostic Tool for Vets

We are excited to introduce our clients to the OraStrip Quick Check Canine.  OraStrip Quick Check Canine allows us to identify periodontal disease, either visible or microscopic, within 10 seconds of use. OraStrip has the ability to detect the specific bacteria that cause periodontal disease before clinical signs appear, allowing us to take action and prevent … Continue reading

Fireworks Again??

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Here in the Seattle area fireworks are a big business – private individuals as well as communities set off fireworks on and near the 4th.  How do your pets react to fireworks?  Many pets become mildly to extremely nervous and stressed with sudden noises in general and with fireworks … Continue reading

How is Your Pet’s Dental Health?

Do you think “Ew, ick!” when your tabby exhales as he comes close to your face to look in your eyes?  Does your schnauzer-mix have “dog breath”?  Both are good indicators that a dental check-up and cleaning for your pet is a wise idea. February is National Pet Dental Health Month.  We’ve talked about ways … Continue reading