It’s National Puppy Day 2013!!!

Time to celebrate!!  Celebrate puppies everywhere! 

Big puppies, small puppies, happy puppies, cranky puppies… Blonde puppies, black puppies, multicolored and white puppies… Sleepy puppies, mischievous puppies, mellow and ADHD puppies!

They make us smile, laugh, shake our heads, sigh and say “AAAWWWHHHH, isn’t that cute?”   To celebrate, here are puppy photos we received from friends, fans and clients of Harmony Animal Wellness Center.  To celebrate, consider giving a little something today to your favorite animal rescue organization in honor of puppies everywhere.


— Harmony’s 2013 Puppy Day Celebrities —


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For 50 more ways to celebrate (and more puppy pictures)
go to the National Puppy Day website.

2 thoughts on “It’s National Puppy Day 2013!!!

  1. We want to thank Dr. Frank and his staff for bringing back our happy pug. For the last couple of months, our 13yr old pug was getting “old” and was just not happy, no matter what we did. Then we found out he had a pretty bad infection in his mouth and Dr. Frank did surgery.
    We are so happy to report that our happy little Pug is back!!! With all the cute little woofs, howls, chasing the tail (well, that is a bit harder now with the bum legs), and cuddling. Yes, he is definetly feeling better!

    Thank you Dr. Frank and all the staff!
    From all the Lawson family including Pug (Truffles), Pippin, Genevieve and Michette.

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