Raw Bones for Dogs question

Is Sasha, our client’s cute-as-a-button Chihuahua, waiting for her raw bone?  She looks very hopeful, doesn’t she?  From our post on dry food and dog’s teeth we received the following comment and request for suggestions from one of our blog readers: 


“I am interested in the information re the raw bones. But, I am very cautious about having raw bones in the home. Basically – I don’t. So, how can I give these to my four dogs as I do not want to incur any aggressive behavior either. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.”

We thought Dr. Frank’s response may be of interest to many of you with multiple-dog households, so his reply became our post today. 

Dr. Frank:  Bones are great for cleaning your pet’s teeth and they can be a good outlet for dogs that need to chew.  Continue reading

First Aid Kits for Pets

It’s June at last!  We’ve had a bit of warm weather, many of the flowers are blooming late this year, but they are blooming – rhodies, honeysuckles and dandelions.  With the beautiful flowering bushes, trees and plants come the wonderful, helpful bees. 

Pixie-Belle at about 2 months old

With the bees come our dogs and cats with spring fever – puppies, kittens and adult pets jumping to catch the flitting, buzzing bees in their mouth.  Dogs chasing the squirrels or rabbits and running headlong into… blackberry and rose bushes (Ouch!), or playing a game of chase with each other and tearing through that long grass that contains a stand of – oh, oh… nettles.

What is My Pet Thinking?

Trudy and Isa in an exam room at the clinic

Shakespeare wrote “To be, or not to be, that is the question:”.  But to most dog, cat, horse and hamster owners “What is he thinking?” is a close second, if not the primary question in our lives. 

Whether you wish your Siamese cat, Twinkle, could tell you exactly why she’s still so lethargic even after a clean bill of health from your vet; or you wonder why on earth your Doberman Pinscher,  Braveheart, runs and hides behind you only when your brother (who adores dogs and is the gentlest soul you know) comes to visit; we pet owners are so often perplexed by the mysterious minds of our beloved pets it’s almost a cliché. Continue reading