Dry food, Dog teeth, and Puppies

Bear, Beth, Ellie, Fiona, Lady, Rose, Tank and Zoe

Large or small, puppies are always too cute for words and these Belgian Malinois puppies are no exception to that rule as they wait in our exam room for Dr. Frank.   

Whether your pet grows into a large dog like these puppies or stays very small like our client’s Boston Terrier puppy below, doesn’t matter. 
Fiona in David’s arm

All dogs need healthy teeth and gums – puppy or adult, Tibetan Mastiff or Teacup Yorkie mix.  This week’s Q&A covers questions we are frequently asked by current and new clients, so we thought the answers might be useful to you.

Some ads imply that a crunchy dry food or kibble will help clean your pet’s teeth or at least help them stay clean.  Is that really true?  Will a dry food at least keep my pet’s teeth cleaner than a canned food?  If you’ve had those questions pop into your head when you see an ad or commercial about dog food, read on… Continue reading