How Can I Protect My Pet From an Accidental Poisoning?

Next week, March 17th – 23rd, is National Poison Prevention Week.  We want to remind everyone to keep phone numbers for your regular veterinarian, your closest emergency veterinary clinic or hospital and the ASPCA Poison Control Center (888-426-4435) on your refrigerator, kitchen bulletin board or wherever you keep emergency numbers handy for your family.  When … Continue reading

Reminder + Small Business Saturday

Friday is not only a big shopping day, it’s also an extremely busy day for emergency vet visits. In addition to what we talked about in our Thanksgiving Tip post last year, please be aware that some people foods can be very bad for your dogs and/or cats.  Onions (including onion powder) are extremely toxic to … Continue reading

Gracie Won!

From Valerie and Bruce…. “To all of Gracie’s fans, she won!! We want to thank ALL of you who participated with votes and Facebook postings and comments. We could not have done this without your support! You will find her cute snout gracing the cover of CityDog magazine winter 2013 issue. Again, thanks and great … Continue reading

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Demystifying Animal Communication

Big changes are part of life – a new baby… a move to a bigger or smaller home or apartment… a death in the family… a change in career or job that affects your stress level or your time at home.  When change happens in your life, have you wondered how it may affect your … Continue reading